Sweet Pastry

In its wide and refined range of creations, Flamigni offers the classics of haute patisserie in both authentic and revisited recipes, to make them more delicious and original.
The unmistakable fluffiness and crunchiness of Pasticceria Flamigni is born from the use of fine raw materials and artisanal recipes, cared for in detail by the expert hands of our master pastry chefs.

Shortbread Biscuits

Little treasures of crunch and goodness, an explosion of sweetness that melts in your mouth with every bite.

Italian Traditional Biscuits

A journey through time and flavor, a delicious stop in culinary culture that embraces hearts and palates with their authenticity and unique fragrances.


Each slice of cake is a poem of sweetness, a melody of flavors that delights the palate, turning every moment into a special occasion to be celebrated with gusto.

Marrons Glacès

Little sugary gems, an explosion of autumn flavor that captures the magic of chestnuts and turns it into a sweet, irresistible treat.

Since 1930 Flamigni has been signing an inimitable collection of goodness.

Our ingredients

all high quality, strictly natural
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