They owe their special crispness to the high quality of their ingredients. The excellent shortbread dough gives the pastries a unique delicacy that makes them so delicate they melt in the mouth. Slow baking, typical of artisanal pastries, helps to preserve the fragrance and flavor of the ingredients.


With their characteristic daisy shape pierced in the center, Flamigni Canestrelli are delicious and crumbly, dusted one by one with fine powdered sugar.

Vanilla Oval

Cookies made of the purest fresh butter shortbread, flavored with natural Madagascar vanilla extract.

Mini Cookies

Tasty cookies made with fresh butter and fine Belgian cocoa, enriched with 70% dark chocolate chunks and made according to an authentic Louisiana recipe.


Exquisite cookies prepared faithfully following the ancient Belgian recipe. Thin and crispy, with caramel made from raw brown sugar scented with cinnamon, they are excellent with tea.

Daisies with Cherries

Delicious fresh butter shortbread, made with sweet almond flour and armelline, scented with wildflower honey, hand-decorated with candied Vignola cherries.

Coconut Frollini

Crisp cookies with a delicious exotic scent, carefully prepared by Flamigni’s master pastry chefs, who embellish them with a final touch of coconut rapè.

Heart of Cream

Crunchy round cocoa shortbread cookies that hold a mouthwatering secret: a soft heart of delicious cocoa and Piedmont hazelnut cream.

Chocolate and Hazelnut Flowers

Piedmont hazelnut shortbread with a distinctive flower shape, covered with milk chocolate and hazelnut crumbs.

Bicolor Tufts

From the original French recipe, classic fresh butter and cocoa shortbread, scented with Madagascar vanilla. The typical two-tone dough characterizes these uniquely crumbly cookies.

Chocolate Stars

Crispy butter shortbread with sweet almonds and armellins, covered in dark chocolate, with an eye-catching star shape.

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