Handcrafted creations perfect for making special occasions unforgettable. Each cake is prepared with care and passion, using high quality ingredients and following traditional recipes. Masterfully decorated, Flamigni Cakes are a symbol of elegance and goodness, perfect for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or any other important occasion.

Sweet Lemon Fruit

Delicious dessert combining the citrusy freshness of lemons with the sweetness of a fluffy base. Enriched with tasty cubes of candied PGI Sorrento lemon and hand-decorated with delicious granulated sugar.

Sweet Tangerine Fruit

Authentic citrus flavor explosion. The soft, fragrant base, enhanced with fragrant candied Ciaculli mandarins, offers an irresistibly fresh and fruity taste. Sugar granules on the surface add a delicious crunch, completing this unique culinary creation.

Sweet Raspberry Fruit

Raspberry plumcake is a fruity treat with a fluffy base and a heart of dehydrated raspberries that add concentrated sweetness. Sugar sprinkles on the surface create a crunchy contrast. An explosion of fruity flavor in every bite.

Sweet "Ancient Grains"

A recipe made from stone-ground ancient Sicilian Timilia wheat and highly digestible ancient soft wheat of German origin for an extremely soft, vanilla-scented cake covered with crunchy granulated sugar.

Sweet Caramel

Soft all-natural leavened dough with caramel, filled with delicious Catalan custard. Decorated by hand with delicious caramelized sugar sprinkles.

Sweet Pistachio

An explosion of flavor in which the delicate aroma of pistachios blends harmoniously with the fluffy base. Stuffed with pistachio custard and decorated by hand with delicious sugar granules.

Sweet Gianduia

Soft all-natural yeast dough filled with gianduja custard. Cocoa sugar sprinkles add an irresistible crunchy touch. A delicious dessert for chocolate lovers.

Cookies Cake

Masterpiece of gluttony: triple chocolate cake with dark chocolate chunks. An explosion of flavor to savor in every bite.

Sacher Cake

The apotheosis of deliciousness: a chocolate cake filled with apricot jam, giving a pleasant contrast, covered with a thin, crisp dark chocolate glaze.

Cocoa Tronchetto

Dessert that enchants the senses with its rich, chocolatey flavor. A delicious creation composed of a soft cocoa dough and covered with dark chocolate. A real temptation for chocolate lovers.

Variegated Tronchetto with Milk Chocolate

A characteristic variegated dough covered with a thin layer of milk chocolate, it is distinguished by its delicately soft and moist dough.

Panforte and Gingerbread

They are prepared by master pastry chefs in the best Tuscan and Ferrara traditions, mixing honey, flour and candied fruit with almonds, dried fruit and spices.

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