About us

90 years after its foundation, passion remains the driving force behind our company. A passion for quality and craftsmanship that has remained unchanged since the beginning and is renewed every day. Our strong connection to traditions and an inherent family spirit allow us to look proudly towards tomorrow.

Our History

Our forefathers, the Flamigni brothers, Armando, Lieto, and Aurelio Flamigni, opened their pastry shop in Piazza Saffi, Forlì, back in 1930. In just a few years, their shops had multiplied, becoming a must-visit for travelers heading to the Adriatic Riviera from the North for their vacations. Everything changed in the 1970s due to the inspiration of the new owner, Marco Buli, the son-in-law of one of the founders, who managed to increase production while maintaining the high quality standard, initially for nougat, the flagship product of those years, and subsequently, from the 1980s, for baked products, particularly panettone.

The company still offers special products with attention to every detail, from the choice of ingredients to packaging. An extensive catalog, updated every year with new proposals, offers ever-new recipes and revamped packaging to satisfy tastes and trends in the confectionery industry worldwide.
90 years after its founding, passion is still the engine that drives our company. A passion for quality and craftsmanship that has remained unchanged since the beginning and indeed is renewed every day. Strong ties to traditions and an innate family spirit allow us to look proudly to tomorrow.

Today Flamigni’s production facilities stand on the hillsides between Forlì and Predappio and cover an area of more than 12,000 square meters. All Flamigni specialties are created here, from Panettone

Pasticceria Flamigni in piazza Saffi Forlì

At Flamigni, innovation and tradition come together in the ongoing pursuit of taste and quality

Our Values


For Flamigni, quality of people means expertise and passion for work, but also cooperation and loyalty. A lot of time is dedicated to find or, even better, to train people with these characteristics, which are really appreciated by Flamigni.
Search and find high quality ingredients is one of the most difficult tasks. You have to know market, products, have a good taste and a good investment capacity. Time helps to build these skills. And since 1930 Flamigni had a lot of time to meet its targets.
The most accurate processes are also the slowest ones, since they involves more attention to ingredients in order to exalt their organoleptic qualities. Flamigni takes 1 hour and 20 minutes to pour egg white into the container for nougat production and its water bath cooking lasts 4 hours.


Originality, novelty, freshness, variety are the secrets of Flamigni. Materials and objects come from all over the world thanks to the participation to the most interesting international fairs.
Packaging are handmade. There is an entire team dedicated to handmade wrapping and packaging and attention to details is fundamental to give a final personal touch to a special gift.
Ermanno Venturelli, an artist who dedicates all his talent of ceramist of the Faenza’s School to conception of gift ideas, is the one who conceives Flamigni packaging, of course helped by Buli family. Images, patterns, colours combinations are conceived by his sensitivity and inspiration. He works with the same spirit with which he would conceive a table service or a fashion collection.


The history of Flamigni is the story of a family which cultivated over three generations two great professional passions: nougat and panettone. They seem apparently quite different, since one is the hardest, while the other is the softest among sweets. They have in fact many features in common. They have both ancient roots and they are both sweets for festivities and cornerstones of Italian gastronomic heritage. They are masterpieces to defend, rediscover and reinterpret, but always respecting tradition.


Romagna, Flamigni’s homeland since as far back as 1930, boasts an extraordinary food and wine vocation that has its roots in Roman times. This territory, rich in centuries-old traditions, has evolved to the excellence of today.
The borders of this region embrace a geographical area of great scenic beauty, ranging from the gentle beaches of the Adriatic Riviera to the forests of the Apennines.
Raw materials of the highest standard, cultivated with care and dedication, have contributed to the creation of incomparable gastronomic specialties.
Flamigni, rooted in this land of great food and wine traditions, is able to offer its consumers products of excellence and quality. Care in the treatment of ingredients and special professional skills give a unique touch to the delicacies offered by our company.

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