In Flamigni’s wide range of products, Panettone represents the true flagship in terms of craftsmanship and quality.

Flamigni’s panettone is prepared with top-quality natural ingredients.
Its processing respects traditional criteria and, where possible, it is done by hand, to enhance the goodness and genuineness of the raw materials.

Classic Panettoni

Delight your palate with our Classic Panettoni, a taste journey through the authentic and timeless flavour of the confectionery tradition.

Special Panettoni

Explore the innovative flavours of Special Panettoni, designed and created by our master pastry chefs to enrich the Flamigni Panettone range

Stuffed Panettoni

For those who love a rich Panettone, filled with creamy and refined fillings, our master pastry chefs have created an explosion of flavours and creaminess that will delight your palate in every bite.

Large size Panettoni

Celebrate the abundance of the festive season with our majestic Large Format Panettoni, designed to share the generous taste of Christmas.

Panettone is Flamigni's flagship, made of craftsmanship and quality.

Our ingredients

the magnificent seven,
all high quality, strictly natural
How we make

our Panettoni

The preparation of a Flamigni panettone requires three days,
during which several kneading and leavening processes take place.

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