Of Italian tradition

Our selection of cookies linked to tradition. Each cookie encapsulates the authentic flavor of Italian recipes passed down from generation to generation.

Amaretti with Almonds

They are the result of a special combination of fresh, natural ingredients: granulated sugar, sweet peeled almonds, egg white, sweet and bitter peeled armellins, natural orange blossom flavor and natural Madagascar vanilla extract.

Amaretti with Fruits

A specialty of Flamigni Pastry Shop offered in four varieties: filled with apricot, lemon, cherry or orange jam. The rich jam filling gives an original, genuine and refined taste.

Chocolate Amaretti

They come in three delicious varieties: with chocolate cream covered with granulated sugar, with caramel and chocolate cream covered with caramelized sugar sprinkles, and with dark chocolate cream.

Fruit Hearts

Traditional rustic shortbread made with fresh butter, flavored with Madagascar vanilla extract, dusted with fine powdered sugar, filled with six different flavors of delicious fruit preserves: lemon, apricot, cherry, apple, orange, plum.


Traditional rustic shortbread cookies filled with soft creams in four delicious variations: lemon cream, orange cream, gianduia cream, cocoa cream and hazelnut cream.


Classic rustic shortbread pastries, dusted with powdered sugar. Prepared with a soft filling of four different fruit preserves: apple, apricot, cherry, berries.

Cantuccini with Almonds

Typical dry cookies prepared in the Tuscan tradition: the precious dough is flavored with vanilla and enriched with shelled, raw almonds and candied orange paste.

Cantuccini with Almonds and Pistachios

A variation on the traditional Tuscan recipe proposed by our master pastry chefs: with almonds, pistachios and white chocolate chips.

Cantuccini with Almonds and Chocolate

A variation on the traditional Tuscan recipe proposed by our master pastry chefs: almonds and dark chocolate chips.

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