Flamigni Pandori are made with the finest ingredients and the most meticulous processes, which, combined with slow preparation and the passion of our master pastry chefs, make our Pandoro incredibly soft and delicate, cherished by those who appreciate the taste of tradition and authenticity.

Classic Pandoro

Soft and light, enriched with a delicate aroma of Madagascar vanilla that makes it irresistible. With its star shape and characteristic icing sugar coating, Flamigni’s Pandoro is a symbol of joy and conviviality on special occasions.

Pandoro with Chocolate Drops

An irresistible interpretation of the Italian Christmas dessert, enriched with 70% dark chocolate chips. The magic of classic pandoro is combined with the intensity of chocolate chips, creating a harmony of flavors.

Each slice is a moment of magic and sweetness, with its unique and enveloping flavor.

Our ingredients

all high quality, strictly natural
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