Savory pastry

Italian aperitif

A gastronomic journey, all along the peninsula, through flavors and creativity, where culinary art meets innovation to delight the palate and win the hearts of those who love savory excellence. Fine and sought-after ingredients, skillfully combined to offer tasty recipes for a tasty and sparkling aperitif.

Il Fiore di Riviera

Savory shortbread with Taggiasca olives and basil.

Il Piemontese

Savory mini cookie with Piedmont hazelnuts and peppers.

Il Siciliano

Salty mini cookie with pistachios and capers.

Il Vesuviano

Salty oval with tomato and oregano.

Il Toscano

Savory cantuccino with almonds and rosemary.


Savory pastry with parmesan cheese and spinach.

Il Meneghino

Savory oval with rice flour and saffron.

Il Cacio e Pepe

Savory shortbread with pecorino romano and pepper.

Il Gorgonzola

Savory pastries filled with PDO gorgonzola cheese.

Il Radicchio Rosso

Savory pastry filled with red radicchio di Treviso IGP.

L’acciuga del Cantabrico

Savory pastry with Cantabrian anchovy filling.

Il Caviale italiano

Savory pastry with Italian caviar filling.

Biscuit "Reset"

Savory pastry with a completely neutral flavor.

A gastronomic journey through the most authentic Italian tastes and flavors.

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