The Special Panettoni are designed and created by our master pastry chefs to expand and enhance the range of Flamigni Panettoni. They are the result of careful research and selection of the best ingredients, which come together to offer unique and unforgettable taste experiences.

Discover the innovative flavours and treat yourself to moments of authentic pleasure during the festive season.

"Cappuccino" Panettone

A soft, fragrant dough enriched with chocolate nuggets and coffee, covered with mouth-watering white chocolate and decorated with cocoa nuggets.

Contadino Panettone

Craftsmanship and technique combine with a love for the flavours of Romagna, resulting in a unique and original cake in which flavours and aromas are skilfully blended and balanced to create an exquisite balance of flavours. Flamigni’s Panettone Contadino is inspired by the ancient Piedmontese recipe that calls for a fragrant and crumbly topping, and is enriched with exquisite semicandied pear, peach, apple and apricot pieces that create an inimitable harmony of taste within the dough.

Marrons Glacés Panettone

It was born from the intuition of Flamigni’s master pastry chefs to enrich the most important and traditional Italian cake with the taste of chestnuts, typical of the autumn period when Panettoni are made. Only the best chestnuts from Campania are chosen to become marrons glacés through a special confectionery process that lasts several days, during which the marrons, the most prized variety, are delicately cooked and syruped, dipping them in solutions of increasing concentration, then covered with a sweet sugar glaze.

Late Tangerine Panettone

It takes its origin from the desire to embellish panettone with an aroma typical of Sicily, a land rich in unique and precious flavours: the late Ciaculli mandarin, a sweet fruit with a strong aroma, characteristic of the Palermo area, whose cultivation is limited to just 200 hectares. The Ciaculli mandarin, a Slow Food® presidium, arrives at Flamigni already candied, but still whole. It is then peeled and added to the Panettone dough in the classic low shape. The Milanese recipe thus merges with the flavours of a typical and prized Sicilian product.

Orange-Chocolate Panettone

The extraordinary and inimitable flavour comes from the harmonious combination of 70% dark chocolate drops and fragrant and tender candied Navel di Sibari oranges, produced without the use of sulphur dioxide. A crumbly glaze of Langhe hazelnuts and peeled Armelline almonds completes the flavour.

Apricot-Chocolate Panettone

It is born from an exquisite balance of unique flavours: fragrant candied apricots and 70% dark chocolate drops. The scarpatura, the classic cross-shaped cut that characterises this Panettone on the surface, is one of the operations performed manually by master artisan pastry chefs during preparation.

Pear-Chocolate Panettone

Drops of 70% dark chocolate and soft, exquisite candied Williams pears blend beautifully together, releasing fragrance and flavour for a unique and original combination. A crunchy Langhe hazelnut glaze and peeled Armelline almonds complete the harmony of taste.

Figs-Chocolate Panettone

It is a veritable treasure chest of flavour that holds within it a treasure trove of 70% dark chocolate chips and exquisite sun-dried Mediterranean figs. The crunchy Langhe hazelnut glaze and peeled Armelline almonds make it even more fragrant and delicious.

Cherry-Chocolate Panettone

It is made unique by the combination of tender and delicious Vignola black cherries, carefully selected and pitted, and drops of 70% dark chocolate, an exquisite combination of unique, mouth-watering flavours.

Rhum-Chocolate Panettone

Its taste is enriched by drops of 70% dark chocolate and “gourmet raisins”, sultanas of the highest quality, left to macerate for over twelve hours in a delicious infusion of fine dark rum, absorbing its charm and intensity. Added to the dough, they make the Panettone even softer and more fragrant, giving it a harmonious pleasantness with a slightly alcoholic taste.

Sweet Wine-White Chocolate Drops Panettone​

It is enriched with drops of the finest white chocolate. Its intense yet delicate flavour is given by exquisite ‘gourmet raisins’, sultanas that are among the best in the world. After being soaked for over twelve hours in an exquisite raisin wine infusion, added to the dough, they make the Panettone even more extraordinarily soft, delicately perfuming it with harmonious aromas.

Wildberries-Chocolate Panettoni

A mouth-watering assortment of three recipes, covered in white chocolate, decorated with dried berries and sugar sprinkles: panettone with chocolate and strawberries, with chocolate and cranberries and with chocolate and raspberries.

Wholemeal Panettone

From craftsmanship and the use of unique and precious ingredients comes the Flamigni Wholemeal Panettone, designed to satisfy those who love the qualities and virtues of wholemeal flour. From the combination of mother yeast and wholemeal flour comes a unique, extraordinarily soft and highly digestible cake. Tender cubes of semi-candied Williams pears, natural vanilla flavouring and fine Greek sultanas from Corinth dried in the Mediterranean sun are added to the dough.

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