Stuffed Panettone cakes have been created by our master pastry chefs to satisfy the palate of those who love a rich Panettone filled with creamy, refined fillings.

To ensure that the cream is evenly distributed on each slice, the master pastry chefs inject 250 grams of cream into each Panettone through 22 filling needles. The creams amalgamate elegantly between the alveolations of the dough, creating a symphony of delicate yet intense and delicious flavours.

Spritz Panettone

Spritz Panettone is an irresistible creation that combines the traditional Panettone with the characteristic cocktail. A soft and fragrant dough filled with Spritz custard that gives an unexpected, yet delicious, liveliness to the cake. Covered in mouth-watering dark chocolate with granulated sugar.

Gran Fondente Panettone

The custard base and dough are enriched with 70% dark chocolate. At the end of preparation, it is covered with a tasty icing with fine chocolate chips. A joy for the palate that comes from the extreme softness of the dough, the sweet icing and the tasty chocolate filling.

Gran Pistacchio Panettone

The classic Panettone recipe is enriched with a delicious pistachio cream filling. At the end of its preparation, it is glazed with fine white chocolate and crunchy pistachio granules. A real treat for the palate, perfect for cream and pistachio lovers from Sicily.

Limoncello Panettone

Limoncello Panettone is a fresh and vibrant interpretation of the classic recipe. This exquisite cake comes to life with the freshness and intensely fragrant aroma of limoncello. The mass of the Panettone is soft, light and rich at the same time, enriched with generous shavings of limoncello and bits of lemon peel that provide an explosion of flavour in every bite. All covered in white chocolate and sugar granules, with no sultanas or candied citrus fruit.

Gran Gianduia Panettone

A masterpiece of the pastry art that combines the Italian tradition of Panettone with the irresistible taste of gianduia chocolate. This sumptuous cake is an explosion of pleasure for the palate, with its soft, fragrant mass enriched with gianduja cream that blends harmoniously with the dough, giving it an incredible creaminess and enveloping flavour. Every bite is a delight, a perfect balance of sweetness and the slight hint of hazelnut covered with dark chocolate and hazelnut crumbs.

Monte Bianco Panettone

It is inspired by the dessert of the same name, a classic of international haute patisserie. It is perfect for those who love intense flavours and want to be tempted by the exquisite chunks of marrons glacés of the finest variety, enclosed within. The soft dough, filled with creamy Italian marrons, envelops the palate from the very first bite, providing unique and intoxicating aromas. The icing of pure white chocolate, covered with a shower of crunchy, sweet meringues, embellishes and completes it, making it beautiful to the eye and mouth-watering to the palate.

Gran Malaga Panettone

It has been enriched with Catalan cream and the finest sultanas. Its filling is made of custard cream topped with the finest caramel. It is covered with a delicious dark chocolate icing, adorned and embellished with slivers of the finest caramel.

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