the savory pastry for your tastings

We have created a savory pastry with a completely neutral flavor that takes every tasting to the next level.

The Reset biscuit will allow you to experience every tasting at its best, “resetting” the flavors and allowing you to fully taste the notes of any beverage you are sipping.

Where does the neutral biscuit come from?

This new savory pastry is the result of an excellent collaboration with Mattia Vezzosa, an internationally renowned oenologist.

The idea came one day during a masterclass (a moment when an expert guides others in tasting a series of wines), from the need to have a product that allowed not to tire the palate in order not to lose focus on the wine and at the same time to be elegant in presentation, in form and packaging.

A biscuit for every tasting, not just wine.

But that’s not all: Reset also adapts well to tastings in the food sector, thanks to its characteristics of “no flavor” and palate cleansing after each new crispy bite.

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