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Excellence on the table for your special events.

A unique sensory experience with our Artisan Panettone.

With Octagon, every event transforms into an unforgettable occasion. We bring to your table not just a panettone but the magic of a tradition that takes center stage in your meal finale. Our panettone is a promise of excellence: an unparalleled taste experience, crafted and designed to surprise and delight every palate.

Design and Tradition: a blend of refinement

The mastery of Italian artisans is expressed in the form and aesthetics of Octagon. In collaboration with the Ancient Berti Family Cutlery of Scarperia and with the unmistakable design by Piero Lissoni for Alpi Wood, we present a precious veneer that evokes mahogany wood. Every slice of our panettone becomes a gesture of style, a moment of sharing elevated to a ritual of beauty.

The Octagon experience: a dessert that takes center stage at the end of your meal

By purchasing a large-format panettone from Octagon, you won’t just have a dessert but a complete experience. Our exclusive octagon, the octagonal design cutting board, will be the stage on which to place the protagonist of lunches and dinners. No longer just a dessert but an explosion of flavors and aromas, enriched by a touch of elegance provided by the gold that adorns it.

Make Your Event Unique with Octagon

You are looking for that extra touch to make your event unforgettable? Octagon is the answer. Request information to integrate the Octagon experience into your event. Fill out the contact form with your details and describe the event you want to make special. Our team of experts will contact you to customize your experience and ensure a finale that leaves a lasting impression.

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