Torrone Supremo is a true joy for the senses, an exceptional taste experience that is an exclusive offering from Flamigni. What makes this nougat so extraordinary is its peculiar inverse proportion to traditional nougats.

While most nougats focus primarily on sweet and sugary texture, Flamigni’s Supreme Nougat defies this convention. Its distinguishing feature lies in the surprising prevalence of dried fruit, which makes up more than 60 percent of the entire composition. This means that every bite of nougat is a rich explosion of flavors and textures, thanks to the generous amount of almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios that come together in a delicious dance.

Flamigni’s Torrone Supremo is a celebration of the marriage of culinary tradition and innovation, a gastronomic work of art that enchants the palates of anyone who tastes it.

Supreme Almond Nougat

The almond ‘Supremo’: his majesty nougat in its finest recipe. With plenty of crunchy almonds and a soft embrace of honey and sugar, it is a real treat for dessert lovers. An explosion of flavour and tradition in every bite.

Supreme Pistachio Nougat

The crumbly ‘Supremo’ with pistachios: a triumph of colour and flavour. With generous amounts of top-quality pistachios, it is an exceptional taste experience. A little pistachio masterpiece that melts in your mouth.

Supreme almond nougat covered in dark chocolate

The dark chocolate-covered almond ‘Supremo’: an intense, mouthwatering character. The roasted aroma of almonds meets the richness and sweetness of dark chocolate, creating an irresistible experience for the senses that conquers the palate with every bite.

Supreme Almond and Caramel Nougat

The almond and caramel ‘Supremo’: a fragrant sin of gluttony. A taste experience that delights the palate with the contrast between the creaminess of the caramel and the crunchiness of the almonds in every bite.

Supreme pistachio nougat covered in white chocolate

The pistachio ‘Supremo’ covered in white chocolate: a sweet temptation. A true symphony of refined flavours. The richness of high-quality pistachios blends harmoniously with the enveloping sweetness of white chocolate, creating a combination of elegance and crunchiness that enchants the senses in every exquisite bite.

Supreme crumbly chocolate-covered nougats

Little jewels of goodness, to be offered on any occasion to the sweet tooth. Their delicately crumbly texture blends perfectly with the chocolate coating, creating a contrast that delights the palate. A little piece of heaven, perfect for moments of sweet indulgence.

Supreme nougat flakes

A precious variation of the Supremo recipe, it is made with Italian almonds or Sicilian pistachios. Placed and rolled out by hand after baking to cool on large marble tables, the wafer-thin dough becomes a delicate sheet that is then shredded into flakes.

Supreme Soft Nougat Cake

Nougat with almonds and fruit: delicious recipes with Romagna apricot and strawberry.

The delicate and tasty dough is made soft thanks to a careful and studied baking process, which keeps its moisture content high. After being cut into wedges, each individual slice is wrapped and carefully placed in its original mould to recreate the shape of a cake. They come in five mouth-watering variants: almonds, pistachios, Piedmont hazelnuts PGI and cocoa, almonds and strawberries, almonds and apricots.

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