Crunchy nougat is the classic one. If we are asked to think at classic nougat, we immediately think at a crunchy nougat bar. Flamigni proposes crunchy nougat in blocks, bars and small pieces, with almonds, hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios and also covered with chocolate.

Soft nougat, which is the evolution of the crunchy one, became popular since it is easier to taste. It is really appreciated by children and elderly. 

Pralined Supremini

Tasty and contemporary, they are more reminiscent of a praline than a classic nougat. They come in six original and delicious flavours.

Crounchy Nougat with Almonds

Flamigni’s Classic Nougat is delicious evidence of a noble tradition that has ancient roots, a unique goodness that smells of history, a true work of confectionery art for an authentic experience of inimitable pleasure and taste.

Soft Nougat with Almonds and Candied Fruit

Flamigni’s Soft Nougat is the evolution of the Friable Nougat, which has established itself over time thanks to its greater ‘ease’ of consumption. Its particular softness is conferred by the different baking process, which causes the dough to remain wetter and therefore softer. Delicious Apulian almonds are beautifully blended with fragrant peels of thick-skinned Navel oranges grown in Sibari and fine diamond citrons from Calabria, giving those who taste it an inimitable sweetness, enhanced by exquisite citrus scents.

Nougat with Almonds Coated and Chocolate

Flamigni Chocolate Nougat is a work of confectionery art that combines the Italian tradition of nougat with the irresistible temptation of chocolate. The nougat heart is a symphony of flavours and textures, with golden honey, toasted almonds and natural aromas blending into a soft, fragrant texture. This is beautifully balanced by the dark chocolate coating, which adds a luxurious note and a touch of intense sweetness.

Soft Nougat Bites Coated with Chocolate

Flamigni’s Soft Nougat Bites are little jewels of goodness, to be offered on any occasion to those who love delicacies. These little delights are made more precious and tasty by a coating of pure milk, fine white or dark chocolate. To satisfy every palate, the dark chocolate is also offered in three different exquisite varieties: orange-scented, lemon-scented and classic.

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