With cream

The exceptional selection of Colombe with cream con creme offers a taste experience that combines tradition and modernity. They are a delight for the palate, where soft sweetness is combined with refined creams with surprising flavors.
To ensure that the cream is evenly distributed in each slice, master pastry chefs, through 22 filling needles, inject 250 grams of it into each Colomba. In this way, the creams spread evenly among the alveolations of the dough, creating a symphony of delicate yet intense and mouthwatering flavors.

Colomba with Pistachio Cream

The classic recipe is enriched with a tempting filling of pistachio cream, making it a real treat for the palate. Completing the preparation is the mouthwatering and fragrant white chocolate glaze and crunchy pistachio granules.

Colomba with Chocolate Cream

A treasure chest of flavor enclosing a custard filling with chocolate, topped with a tasty icing with dark chocolate chips. A delight for the palate that is lost between the extreme softness of the dough, the delicious cream filling and the sweet chocolate glaze.

Colomba with Lemon Cream

A delicate filling made with Sicilian lemon-scented custard, glazed with 70% dark chocolate and elegantly decorated with fine lemon sugar sprinkles.

Colomba with Orange Cream

The soft dough is enriched with pastry cream scented with Calabrian oranges. The glaze, which consists of fine orange-scented sugar granules and dark chocolate, is a combination of two flavors that traditionally go together perfectly.

Colomba with Limoncello Cream

The soft texture of the dough is combined with the unique Limoncello flavor. A unique and innovative dessert enriched with chunks of delicious candied Sorrento lemons and a delicious Limoncello cream filling. A harmonious pleasantness with a slightly alcoholic taste, complemented by a mouth-watering and fragrant glaze, made with fine white chocolate and exquisite lemon sugar sprinkles.

Colomba with Gianduja Cream

This unique creation combines the softness of the traditional Colomba with the richness and intensity of gianduja cream, offering an unparalleled taste experience. The enveloping creaminess of gianduja blending with the sweetness of Colomba, giving an explosion of flavors and aromas.

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